Friday, May 3, 2013

What are the Requirements for Enhancing the Web page Ranking?

This is the major question where everyone asking to develop their web page ranking. Any webmaster wants their website to be top position well for those keywords which will mean that targeted traffic arrive on their website and possibly turn into business by clients.


A site's position on (especially Google) is quite essential when you take into account the following statistics:
According to Google results 90% of searchers don't go past the Web the first page of Google and 42% click on the website on place 1, 12.5% on place 2 and only 8% on place 3.

So what do you know from this statistics?

The conclusion is if your website is not on Web in first page of Google and in the top 3 roles, then you are effectively missing out on more than 60% of potential guests and clients for your business.If your website is not currently in a good place then you can do to move its positions up. Below is a list of web page rank factors from the most important:

Age of the domain:

If you are going to buy a new domain then you have to start the work with beginning. Better you can get a jump begin by buying an terminated sector address which does not currently have an proprietor and just make sure that it has not been prohibited by the Google before buying the domain.

Keywords and Link URL’s:

If you want to position for a certain keyword and key phrase, it’s important that you have that keyword and key phrase in your domain name.(i.e) for india seo companies you can make a keyword like this
SEO consulting India.If you experience influenced to use your organization or product name instead, keep in thoughts that the objective of position at variety 1 for your primary keyword and key phrase will only get much more complicated if you do so.

Density of the Keyword:

It’s important that you mention the keyword you are targeting on the relevant page. A good density to aim for is 3% which means that your target keyword only makes up 3% of the text on the page. Anymore and your page could be seen as being spam.

Power of Back link:

Getting plenty of inbound links to a website which is wrongly enhanced from other unrelated websites will reduce the value of each keyword positions. To get a quality back links research that your product related sites and get relevant links from them.

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